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Can I email my parts and accessory questions?

We are happy to communicate via email. Emails can be sent to

Can I touch up my bottom paint even if I don’t know what kind of paint it is?

Yes. New technology has allowed for anti-fouling bottom paints that can be used over all previous paints. See Pat for help choosing the best paint for your boat.

How do I know which type of anodes I need for my boat?

It depends on where you will be boating.

  • Fresh water-use magnesium
  • Brackish water-use aluminum
  • Saltwater use-zinc

Easy! Still not sure? See Pat in the Boater’s Store for help.

My shore power cord has a cut in the insulation down to the wire. What should I do?

Replace it! Damaged shore power cords can cause fires and electrical damage to the boats on which they are used. Shore power plugs and complete cords are always in stock at the Boaters Store. Be smart and stay safe-update your shore power equipment.

Is there a way to start my engine out of the water before launch?

Yes. The device known as motor flushers or earmuffs allows you to briefly run your engine at idle while using water from a garden hose. Be sure to read your engine owner’s manual before using.

What do I do with my kid’s life vests as they outgrow them?

Bring in any gently used boating equipment to Pat to place on sale in our consignment area. Makes money for you. Saves money for others. It’s the best kind of recycling.

Do I need a boat hook?

Boat hooks protect your hand and your boat. They can catch the dock, hold you off from hitting the lockwall or another boat and even pick up the ballcap that blew off into the water. Don’t leave the dock without one.

Is your store pet friendly?

We love our pets and they are always welcome. For safety’s sake, please keep pets on a leash.

How do I keep my dog safe on a boat?

First of all, get a good fitting life vest. Even good swimmers are safer with a life vest. Also, be sure to give your pet protection from the sun and plenty of water to drink. Visit our store for a selection of vests, dog toys, and portable water bowls. Boating should be fun for the whole family!

How do I know if my anodes need replaced?

Anodes lose their efficiency as they erode. They should be replaced once a season or whenever they have eroded halfway. If you are unsure, bring one in to the Boater’s Store for Pat to evaluate for you.

What credit cards do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover…plus our own Fox Chapel Marine Gift Certificates!

What is your return Policy?

  • Customer must have the original receipt
  • Item must be in saleable condition
  • Customer must sign return receipt and provide contact info
  • No returns on electric parts or electronics
  • No returns on consignment items
  • No returns on clearance items (ending in .97)

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