The Life Jacket Loaner Program

Simply stop into our Boater’s Store before heading out on the water with your child(ren) and follow these simple steps:

1. Show a valid driver’s license
2. Ensure that your child’s life jacket fits properly
3. Fill out Loaner Form
4. Return life jacket on due date

Life Jacket Loaner Program
Life Jacket Step 1

1. Check Life Jacket Label For Appropriate Size Weight or Chest Size

The life jacket label will indicate the size and weight of the intended user. Make sure the wearer is within these ranges. Verify that the life jacket label states it is “Coast Guard Approved”.

Life Jacket Step 2

2. Put On The Life Jacket

Inspect the life jacket for wear and tear. Warning signs include rips and missing or broken buckles or straps.

Life Jacket Step 3

3. Buckle All Straps And Tighten or Zip Up All Zippers

Make sure all straps can be buckled and zippers zipped. Don’t forget the crotch strap if there is one!

Life Jacket Step 4

4. Have The Wearer Life Their Arms Overhead And Gently Lift Them By The Top Of The Life Jacket Arm Openings

If the jacket rides up above the ears, it’s too big. If the straps or zippers don’t close, the jacket is to small.

Life Jacket Step 5
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