Outdrive Sand & Repaint

Preventive maintenance on your drive is overlooked all too often. Whether you call you it an outdrive or sterndrive, this vital unit needs routine care and preventive maintenance just as much as your other components. The drive is partially submerged so it is exposed to the different elements in the water and marine growth which over time will destroy the outer metal surface. If left unattended for too long, the exterior surface will deteriorate and cause the unit to ingest water into the transmission gears, hoses and seals. We suggest frequent visual inspections, cleaning and regular repainting of the metal surface. New paint not only offers a strong protective surface to the drive, it also provides less friction in the water which aids in the boats overall performance. Give us a call now to schedule your service appointment.

$499.00 per Outdrive +tax
Price Includes Parts & Labor
Black Outdrive Paint Only.

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Outdrive Sand & Repaint


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