Life Jackets

Checking all life vests annually for fit and condition is an important step to ensure your precious cargos safety. Why not stop in and let us help you with your life vest fittings for you, your crew and even your furry loved ones too. Style and color are important but more importantly is the fit, weight rating and activity level requirements. Let us help you look for the right size and fit for everyone.

If you are using previous year vests, please be sure to look them over well. Look for any signs of damage or wear to the straps, zippers and buckles. Look for tears, abrasions or mildew that indicate damage or reduced usability of the safety device.

To check Inflatable vests, you should inflate the vest using the oral inflation tube to be sure it has no leaks in the bladder and is safe to wear. Check the bottom of the CO2 cylinder to ensure it has not been punctured and discharged and check the date that is stamped on the bobbin. If the bobbin is more than three years old, replace it for safety.

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Life Jackets
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